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Dolomitic Marble Quarry For Sale, With High Magnesium Oxide Content


Asking Price: > 5M
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Edwardo Molla
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Reason For Sale

its private


DOLOMITIC MARBLE QUARRY for SALE, with high magnesium oxide content is located in Romania, European Union.

The quarry is privately owned, with an area of 5ha. This quarry is not leased or rented, making it unique for the E.U

The quarry is at the surface, on a height of 105 meters up from the ground. It is very easy to operate because of the sterile layer from the surface is very small , approximative  50 cm.

DOLOMITIC  MARBLE  deposit has an Exploitation Permit which has been issued by the Romanian Government. That means the operations can begin right away.

The quarry benefits from 2 access roads (driveways) , about 1 Km from the National road, built on the owned land and all cost incurred by us.

Sterile layer of 50 cm is partially excavated, being extracted already samples necessary for tests made by specialized laboratories .

The quarry can be used for marble or magnesium oxide, having an average content of over 30% oxide magnesium.

Resulted Marble from exploitation is white, bright and has an unique character : THE LIGHT PASSES TROUGH IT !

The value of the quarry is minimum 12 Billion Euro (  you will receive Summary Financial and Economic Evaluation)

Exports of resulted products of marble or magnesium oxide made in EU member countries are exempted from taxes.


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